Swimming Pool Injury

Fort Lauderdale Swimming Pool Injury Lawyers

Swimming pool accidents are a leading cause of injuries to young people in the United States, especially during the summer months. While parents and others may take precautions to protect children or themselves while swimming, the responsibility for ensuring pool safety lies with the property owner or their authorized agent. When a swimming pool owner fails to implement necessary safety measures or to provide an environment free of needless hazards, the consequences can be devastating.

If you have been hurt in a swimming pool accident that would likely have been prevented if a property owner had upheld his or her duty to you, we can help. Contact the experienced Fort Lauderdale swimming pool injury attorneys of The Winston Law Firm by calling 954-475-9666 to learn more about your legal rights and options. It may be possible to seek financial compensation for medical bills and other damages.

Dangers Associated with Swimming Pools

Due to the presence of deep water, any accident in or around a swimming pool has the potential to produce a tragic outcome. This is one of many reasons why it is critically important for a pool and its attendant fixtures to be appropriately maintained and monitored. The following are some of the most serious dangers associated with swimming pools:

• Drowning
• Diving Board Injuries
• Pool Drain Injuries
• Lack of Supervision

Given the extraordinary degree of danger, the negligence of property owners cannot be permitted to go unpunished if it causes guests to suffer injury.

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Contending with the pain, suffering, and expense associated with a swimming pool accident can be overwhelming. You do not have to go through this alone however. Contact the skilled and knowledgeable Fort Lauderdale premises liability lawyers of The Winston Law Firm at 954-475-9666 to discuss your potential case with a capable and committed legal advocate.

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