Notable Results

A $5.75 million recovery for a roadway construction site accident.
A teenage passenger suffered a brain injury when another car swerved to avoid standing water caused when roadway construction contractors and engineers closed the drainage system during the rainy season. The vehicle lost control and hit a tree.

A $2 million settlement for faulty roadway design of a pedestrian crossing.
The plaintiff was crossing the street at a marked crosswalk with a green light. The crosswalk was located in the middle of the block with the traffic signal at the far end of the block. The plaintiff was hit and seriously injured.

A $972,000 settlement for faulty roadway design.
The plaintiff was riding his motorcycle and struck a raised curb lane separator.  The design engineers and Florida Department of Transportation resolved the case after discovery and litigation.

A $750,000 settlement for negligent roadway lighting maintenance.
The plaintiff was a pedestrian crossing a Miami street when he was struck and seriously injured by a motorcycle. The motorcyclist testified that he did not see the plaintiff because streetlights were out. It was revealed that the maintenance contractor knew thieves stole the copper wire, but failed to take steps to prevent the theft and ensure that the lights remained operational.

A $400,000 settlement for a motorcycle crash resulting from poor roadway maintenance. The plaintiff was riding his motorcycle southbound when a car turned left in front of him. Unable to stop because of sand and debris in the roadway, the motorcyclist collided with the car and was severely injured. Settlements were obtained after extended litigation with the FDOT and its street sweeping contractor.

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